San Francisco, California

Recently took a what was supposed to be 5 hour leisure no fuss no muss trip to Reno out of Sacrament (March 16, 2012) only to make it out of Sacramento maybe 10-15 miles and stopped for SIX (6) HOURS!!! The train could have easily returned to the station and let us all off so that we could make other arrangements on our own but refused, well that is until they needed to change crews, then amazingly enough they were able to roll back but still not allowing us off. The trip took a total of FIFTEEN HOURS, fifteen hours without anyone explaining to us as to why I was stuck looking over the rusted tanker in someones un-manicured backyard in Po-Dunk Funk for 6+ hours. Not even a bottle of water was offered; every food item is completely overpriced and the equivalent to the microwave section at any local 7-11 including the dining car. We paid $10 for a .99 chicken pot pie. When asking what was going on the staff continuely shrugged their shoulders and replied "Don't blame us, we don't know anything" and then told us to "look for the guy in the hat he should tell you something" that guy in the hat (aka Conductor) never showed up!!!

I just got off the phone with your customer relations (HA!) and was told all they are allowed to do is issue a voucher for another train ride AS IF I WOULD EVER RIDE THIS NIGHTMARE TRAIN TO NOWHERE EVER AGAIN!

I was then told I could mail a certified letter to a Mr. John Wojciechowski and ask that he refund my far...

Dear Mr. Wojciechowski,

You trains, customer relations, train staff and all around company SUCK! I will never ride another AMTRAK train again in my life and do not need a voucher for anymore of your *** services. Please refund my fare money ASAP!


Cecilia R. Clary

Reservation# 033AE0

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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