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Took an amtrak trip, very *** poor service, most rude employees, I wrote amtrak CEO and president,Joe Boardman, a certified letter. He refused to respond.

I will never take another amtrak trip the longest day I live. I have been riding amtrak since 1982. I took my wife with me which was her first and last trip ever. She will not go with me anymore even on tourist trains because of the experience she had...Thanks Amtrack.

We witnessed rude treatment to other passengers on our trip. A handicap couple and young pregnant woman who were put on the wrong train while they were trying to get to a funeral. The rude ticket agents in San Antonio Texas called the police on the young girl they put on the wrong train while she was trying to explain to them what they had done to her. The police arrived and investigated and found Amtrak at fault and noted that in their report in favor of the passenger.

the rude conductor on that trip was Robert Baker, the rude ticket agents were Shae and Curtis. we also received rude service from the lounge car attendant acted as if we were a bother when we went down for service.He never had a smile, thank you or kiss my butt, nothing.

I tried to resolve this issue through customer relations and they didn't care. Again, this was our last trip, we will never ride Amtrak again and do not recommend to others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Amtrak Train Service.

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amtrak train crew from miami florida are allways very rude silver star 91 and 92


Yes! I agree!

I rode that exact train texas eagle 21 with some of the same rude employees... Same guy must still be working on the in the dinning cart cause he was down right rude! A real ***!

There was only one super nice conductor I found on the Grand Rapids, mi - Chicago route. Last name pryor.

He was amazing!!! So nice and went out of his way to help me.


The complaint sounds legit to me... I've seen much the same, as have many others. I'm something of a rail fan, like the OP, but have pretty much lost any desire to ride Amtrak thanks to rude employees and *** service overall.

Amtrak seems to be trying to fail in as many ways as possible, be it quality of service or practicality of train schedules.


I would bet my next paycheck the original complain is accurate. but, really what do we care?

We get paid no matter. and if we complain about other poor employees, it is us that gets reamed.

trust me, no longer the railroad that our parents worked for. The willnot's and wont's run it now..............just counting down the day until retirement.


Mr. Engineer?, Well, after all these years, I guess we just won't be seeing you and your rich fantasy life on the trains any more!46Q :zzz


Why would you immediately assume this a fraudulent report?? I have ridden plenty of Amtrak trains and found rude staff and crew at least 1/2 of the time.

It is a government funded agency with little profit motive and the personnel are like government employees - paid by the hour with little incentive to be gracious to customers. I have witnessed first-hand much of what he writes, although I ride mostly the Northeast Corridor trains.


Yeah right!!!

Fake/bogus/fraudulant complaint,period!!!