Livingston, New Jersey

I am currently sitting on an Amtrack Train that has travelled from Lorton,VA heading to Sanford, Fl. I first and foremost need to say that this is the utter most worst travel experience that i have ever been involved in in my entire life.

We ended up departing from the Lorton station at 3:30 pm a little earlier than we were supposed to since the train wasn't anywhere close to being full capacity. So we *** and everythings going smooth and great then all of the sudden we lose all power in all of the cabins on the train leaving no air conditioning on and a lot of complaining people. After sitting for an hour w/out any electricty, a man comes over the speaker and explains to us that an engine has been completey fried and we need to wait a little while for it to be fixed. 2 hours later, it's fixed but we still need a new one.

Then the train is back on it's way when all of the sudden ; during our booked 9pm dinner which ended up being 1030 instead cause all the food had to be refrozen an etc, we get another call from overhead telling us that we need to stop in North Carolina to get another engine, here we are again sitting without power at 12:04 pm .... ONLY IN NORTH CAROLINA!!! mind you this is now going into 9 hours of our trip, and were not even close to florida yet.

I AM VERY dissapointed, and i will never be taking an auto train ever again. I just wanna get off.

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I've taken the auto train from Lorton to Sanford many times and have never experienced a problem. However, your experience has made me very wiery about taking the auto train again because in the rare case you do lose power, you can't get off.

I hate to fly, but, I think I will *** my lip and fly to Florida next time.

Driving is not an option as it takes way to long and kids sitting in a car seat for that long is not a good idea.


You must hate it when your car breaks down too. Mechanical breakdowns do happen from time to time, but I guess you have never had a flat tire or broken hose on your car...