Los Angeles, California

After a smooth ride from Amtrac Station in Irvine CA., to the busy hub of the Bob Hope Burbank Airport & nearby Marriot Hotel (home to large conventions), We were ready to return home, after the convention: NOWHERE was there a sign showing "Amtrac Arrival& Departure" !..no waiting shuttles to ask:.Everywhere, deserted!.. .( The original ticket seller had given us departing times for weekdays...This was a Sunday ).Our friend who drove us from the Marriot could not locate the proper place to park to let us off, because the several entrances were either blocked or unmarked..Missing any marked "entrance" and no sign saying "Amtrac departures", ,We had to drive for miles circling the tracks ...twice!.

Finally we made it to a place with several roofed benches(but how should we know which one to sit to wait???.none were marked.).A train came by which we assumed was our train South, back to Irvine...Although we two elderly people( Age 92 & 88) ran as hard as we could to catch its short stop...we were on the wrong side of the tracks!!...No sign telling which side of the tracks were North or South!!! We missed that train..later finding out from seasoned travelers of the route, that a ground level crosswalk , cut into the track was there to cross to the other side....(invisible, if one did not know it existed..or where to find it or if it was safe to walk across the track...(In Irvine, there had been a elevated tower crossing above the track) ) This was 4:23PM.

A helpful prson found the last time of departture was at 11:13 Pm .. seven hours later!!This was a dangerous,tiring experience that was unneccesry because of lack of signs and information by Amtrac...I wonder how many stops on your shedule are like this?

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