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A travel company should take care for its customers

About the famous Amtrak

We are a couple from Europe, travelling from San Diego to Los Angeles and then to Pomona. We already bought our Metrolink tickets for Pomona from San Diego station, so we’ll be ready to catch the line of 9:00 .

It happened about 7:30 last night, when a car hit the train. We were stack for two hours in the train. Finally we got to Los Angeles about 11:00 which means we lost our train to Pomona. We asked in the information what is going to be with us, as we lost the only train to Pomona and they answered that it was not their fault if we lost the train to Pomona. There obligation was to bring us to LA and that was it. We said that we are foreigners, we don’t know anybody to help us, and is not our fault for this delay and loose the only means of transportation to Pomona. You know what? They just show us the place to get a bus for Pomona.

We told them that even if we go by bus, there is no one to pick us up from the station, as the shuttle do not work after 11:00. They answered they don’t have any obligation to bring us to our hotel.

We travelled for two hours and finally we got to the Pomona Bus Station. We were left there for one hour, all alone, cold, hungry, despair and afraid as we are foreigners in a frightful dark unknown place, because some *** wanted to bit the train.

Please tell me, is that fair? Who can trust the Amtrak again?

The company should take care of its passengers and especially for something that it wasn’t our fault.

I will never travel with Amtrak, because they are very cruel and have a bad behavior to their customers.

Thank you


Monetary Loss: $100.

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I was the conductor on that train that night over two years ago and distinctly remember working with you.

I need to heavily preface this by once again saying that I WAS THERE. I don't understand why you say we were cruel and treated you badly, I tried dearly to help you, was very polite, and even amidst the backdrop of an emergency I set time aside, I contacted your hotel via my personal cell phone (which is technically against the law while on duty) and tried to arrange alternate pickup for you with them given the emergency situation, but the hotel was unable to provide assistance.

We then recommended some alternate options, hotels in LA, shuttle services (which would have cost more but would have gotten you there safely), even going so far as to call Cloud 9 Shuttle (once again on my personal cell phone) but YOU REFUSED to listen to us and insisted we accomodate you exactly how you had originally planned to be accomodated, which simply wasn't possible.

Every once in a while while travelling we are thrown unexpected curve balls. You need to learn how to adapt on the fly or you'll be left out in the cold (In this case literally). We were exceedingly polite, provided you a heavily disproportionate amount of time and attention when it was needed elsewhere (We had a car stuck to the front of our train and a guy coated in blood with bone sticking out of his arm right outside) and you threw it back into our faces because we simply were unable to provide you exactly what you wanted. If you were being treated rudely by the end of the night then it was because that's how you were treating the employees. However, I know that despite all things, all the employees, including myself, who helped you were exceedingly polite and did everything in our power to help you.


I called amtrak and made reservations for a trip from Ephrata, WA to Portland, Or (08-13-09). I got on a Thruway bus in Ephrata and was supposed to get on a train in Seattle, Wa.

Well, there was a game in Seattle and it I delayed the bus by around 40 minutes. As we were approaching the time the train leaves I asked the bus driver what would happen if he was late. He did not seem to really care. I got to the train statin 10 mins after the train left.

They told me that the train was gone and I could wait unitl the next train to portand at 7:30am the next morn or take a taxi to grayhound. They told me it was not there problem that I was late. They said it was thuways problem and that the bus driver should have called the train station if he was late. The driver did have a cell phone and was using it to try to get tickets to the game in Seattle (he new at this point we may be late).

They also mentioned that this has happened before with thurway. I was able to get a bus from grayhound but it really messed up my plans. There was no guarantee that grayhound even had a spot available. I was supposed to arive in portland at 8:30pm and I did not get in until 12:00am.

Why would I schedule a trip with them again if I'm just going to be stranded some place. There were 3 other people that also missed the train and had to make alternate plans. The only thing they offered to other people was a refund on their tickets. My first experience with amtrak and I was not impressed.

If Amtrak has a problem with thurway then they should not offer the service on the phone/web site. If I ever use Amtrak again it will be train all of the way.


Amtrak and Metrolink do not coordinate services, and your Amtrak ticket was to Los Angeles. They got you to Los Angeles. Had you had some kind of Amtrak connection that was missed, even to their connecting bus network (Amtrak Thruway) they would have taken care of it, but if they get you to your ticketed end point, their obligation to you is finished.

While it was unfortunate, and I would not want to get into Pomona in the middle of the night, as it has a gang problem.

When you found yourself stranded late in a strange city, it probably would have been better to have done some self help and tried to get a hotel in downtown LA and proceeded to Pomona in the morning.