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On June 13th 2022- 4 passengers and three cars left Lorton VA on time to Sanford FL. A standard run of 17 hours.

We had 2 sleepers for the four of us. All was clicking along till about 12:40Am and the train ran over a shopping cart set on the tracks which did damage to the air lines. For the next 27 hours we either sat on the track not moving or going "slow" speed. The problem was compounded by the "conductors work restriction" They can only work so many hours.

Because of the time lapse no matter where we were they stopped the train and had to wait for up to 4 hours to refresh the crew. When the train started moving at dawn of the 14th we stopped in Florence SC for fueling and other train things. At this point AMTRAK management knew we were on a damaged train. However knowing this the train processed southward.

By night on the 14th we were still on the train. And it stopped in Jessep GA in the middle of no where as the conductors had "timed" out. Four hours later we started moving again at slow speed because the train was damaged. We were stuck on the train and arrived in Sanford at 3:30am on Wednesday morning got our car around 5:00am.

The big question is: why didn't they put us all on buses in Florence GA, taken us to Sanford, put all of us up in Hotels till our cars arrived. Why was the rule of "timing" out not waived so we could proceed? I hold AMTRAK management completely at fault for this huge mess. If this was a private company, with competition, they would be doing every thing in thier power to fix this problem as soon as they knew it.

People were running out of medication, baby formula and diapers were running out. The service staff were the heroes of this mess. They kept us feed with the little food left.

Comforted people who believed we were hijacked. Tried to keep us informed, when they were giving the facts.

User's recommendation: Find another way. Because when it goes wrong, it is bad.

Location: Griffin, Georgia

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my god what entitlement - where did you expect the busses for all those people to come from? What about your car then? I suppose you think it's Amtrak's fault the train was damaged too....get real!

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