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Steel train door slamed shut on my son's chest when the train lost all power

while traveling from chicago to flagstaff az on train amtrac #3 on 10-7-08 and 10-10-08 2008,talk about the trip from ***.we where in the back car and we kept stopping and this smell that smelt like burning wires,*** and and im not sure but when the power went out again my 9 year old son was walking threw the door's when it slamed shut on him trapping him between the steel door and the steel wall we could not get the door off him,we finally did his chest is all brused.and i as his mother plan to take action aginst amtrac.there is so much i need to tell you but i have one thing to say do not take a train,id rather walk...
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Ok first off you should be a good parent and not have let your kid cross between the cars unattended. Also the doors are electrically operated so if the power is out they cant slam, your lies sound good but if you actually know how Amtrak really operates then you can see how idiotic you are.

Really, even if the door “slammed”, you couldn’t get it off him? Try hitting the black button that says “push to operate”?

Did you try opening the door like lets just say… a normal door? You’re an ***!


Lern how two spel you ignerant pogue

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Phoenix, Arizona
New Reviewer

Accident by railroad

One week ago I went downtown to visit my homeless friends they wasn't home.As I pulled upon the grass to park I hit something I slowly backed up stopped to find that my front bumper was missed up.It was a piece of old railroad tie that was left from the railroad people.I did not see that piece of tie that missed up my car. Is there any way that the railroad can pay to have it fixed? Thank you Ruby Farrar Any kind of help will be greatly appreciated.
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are you ***

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Debary, Florida

Some things shouldn't allowed on the train

Hello to anyone that cares. First of all this was my first ride on the train going to New York (Manhattan),I truely enjoyed the ride going even though it was 18 hours, no problem at all. from the service all the way to the conductor and his train. my husband and I venture out on the 17th of sept.2008. Bascially what I am writing about is the trip home was pure-d-heck, there was some young men (boys) on the train using profanity from the time they got on in new york about 2:00 pm until after 12 midnight. Me as a woman and I sure others didn't want to hear All that mess, I politely ask the guys will they please tone it down t was elderly and kids on board and they didi for a moment, I guess they thought about it and decided to start back. One guy said the *** with this I can say what want, didn't ask the guys to hush or shut up, I simply ask them to tone the language down as M...F..- S....- F...This and so on. well as it continue, my husband decided to step in and say something to the guy that was working our train 19 to Atlanta, the guy stated that he will handle it, well as you know he didn't. so another passange decided he will say somthing to the guys and this man was riding in the back so you know they had to be excessively LOUD. This didn't work either so by this time my husband decide to go get someone else whichI believe it was the conductor because he had on a different uniform from the other guy. and this particular guy came to finally eject them from our car. where he put them frankly I didn't care. But this was really ridicuous they way the other guy allowed them to carry on for awhile. as I stated you have kids and elderly/woman-men on the train and they shouldn't be allowed to use that kind of language, you really couldn't get any rest even if you tried. because they wanted to be loud and ignorant. My second pet ped was if you have a lap top or any type of musical item their should be a rule of thumb to use ear plugs, no one wants to hear that *** others are listening to this is rude as ***, if you don't have earplugs you can't use the item. My third pet ped is when you attend the dining car the servers should just assume you want to sit with others, I do know that everyone can't have a table along, but you may have something private you want to talk about with whom ever you are dining with, or may be for one instance while we were there you had to white guys sitting at a table and a black woman came in the pretty much refuse to allow her to sit with them, the server told to the guys "you can't sit here along you have to share this table" as the woman was sitting down she was apolozing about having to sit with them when it wasn't her fault, the server place her there. Going the same thing happen to us doing breakfast, they just place somone with us without asking if we mind, (surely it was ok) but its the principle of the whole thing.they brought the lady to the table and said sit here, I just looked up for a moment at first because I didn't know they was actually telling her to sit with us (we enjoyed her) like I stated everyone don't want to sit or be with others no matter what. Now the question is whether I will take another trip on amtrak SURE I WILL. "Just take care of the language and the no earplugs"
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You can’t teach manners to idiots! There will never be a true end to the many issues between blacks and whites. It should be realized by both races as well; loud obnoxious behavior only fuels the problem fires and is a sign in and of itself, inferiority and insecurity.


You're right about somethings shouldn't be allowed. Amtrak service is clearly inconsistent depending on the crew assigned.

It isn't about color; it is about nepotism (hiring family, friends and politicos) and HR abuse (hiring people unsuitable for working with the public). Unfortunately, tax dollars, policy changes, etc. can't fix it.

My advice...ride the rails prepared: bring ear plugs, water, power bars & toilet paper. As uncivilized as it can be...train travel is more often better than post-9.11 air travel.


Does anyone realize that white is also a color?


Seating passengers together is policy since there aren't a ton of tables. All you can hope if that you get a nice friendly person to meet. I agree, that rowdiness should not be allowed.

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Reston, Virginia
Amtrak Train Service

An Amtrak Trip you should know about.

In October of 2007, my wife and I (65 years old) began a two thousand dollar Amtrak trip in a standard roomette. We were soon subjected to stultifying high temperatures and a lack of ventilation in our 6 and-a-half by 3 and-a-half foot compartment. The unsmiling, condescending and insolent conductors professed helplessness in the face of the oppressive conditions, and when I asked one of the conductors what his name was, he immediately covered his identity badge with his hand! We continued to object to these conditions, and finally the conductor had the train stopped, called in local marshals, and ejected my wife and I from the train in the middle of the night. We were forced to quickly pack all of our luggage and drag our bags off the train without any assistance. We had our tickets confiscated, and were left standing in the dark around midnight, after being told that we were forever banned from Amtrak trains. However, we were not the only couple who was profoundly distressed by our Amtrak experience. When the conductor overheard me speaking to one of the marshals about this, he immediately returned our tickets to us and offered my wife and I the option of getting back on the train the following day! What was it that I told the Marshall? That approximately 12 hours before, another couple had been kicked off the train with the accompaniment of the police for complaining about the suffocating conditions! It's one thing that Amtrak charges high prices for the honor of occupying a tiny bedroom in one of their obsolete railcars. It's another thing if in addition, the service personnel are generally rude, insulting and sadistic. The only exception to this would be in the dining car where a gratuity is expected. My wife and I sued Amtrak for this abusive service and our abandonment in an unknown town in the middle of the night. We won with little difficulty. It seems Amtrak has a stable of attorneys on call to take care of litigations of this type. Make sure you are prepared with adequate legal support the next time you travel Amtrak.
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I rode amtrak from virginia to florida, and from 9:00 pm to 4:00 am I have no memory as if someone slipped me something. At 4:00 am in Savannah, GA I had a Sheriff and two deputies escort me off the train, very nice officers, almost laughing as if the whole thing was a joke. I have been riding amtrak for years, but rode the bus back to Florida and I will never ride amtrak again, and am even starting a website about my train experiences.


I have just had one of my most unpleased travel experiences and I have traveled all over the world. I always thought a wonderful way to see the country would be from an Amtrak cross country sleeper car.

On Friday afternoon I set out on a cross country trek from Washington DC to San Diego California, by Amtrak train. The trip from Washington DC to Los Angeles was by Amtrak sleeper car. I was going to spend 3 nights in an Amtrak sleeper car. One night from DC to Chicago, change trains in Chicago for a two night trip to Los Angeles.

Change train in Los Angeles for a 2.5 hour train ride to San Diego.

The trip from DC to Chicago was uneventful. The bulk of the traveling was done at night so I was a little disappointed about not seeing lots of scenery. The upper bunk did NOT have a window so my images of falling asleep while the landscape passed were thwarted. We arrived in Chicago Saturday morning with a 6 hour layover before boarding the Southwest Chief for Los Angeles.

After sightseeing in Chicago, we boarded the Southwest Chief sleeper car. Before we left the station in Chicago a fowl smell overtook the sleeper cabin. It smelled like sewage. It lingered then passed after a few minutes.

Soon the train took off and the adventure was underway. Soon after leaving the station the smell of sewage appeared again, lingered a few minutes then passed. I assumed it had something to do with the area the train was travelling. Unfortunately it soon became a pattern every 15 minutes or so the entire sleeper car would be overcome with the smell of sewage.

The smell would linger and then pass. The smell was coming from the vents. Yes, the vents were emitting the smell of sewage again and again. It soon became unbearable.

We entered the lounge car to get away from the smell. We had paid for an expensive sleeper car, but were unable to use it because the smell of sewage was being vented into the room on a regular basis. Four hours out of Chicago, I saw the conductor passing thought the lounge car and mentioned this problem to him. He said he would get back to me since he had to attend to boarding passengers.

One hour passed and I had not heard from the conductor. However I could see him having a conversation with staff in the dinning car. I asked him about the smell. Again he told me he would get back to me.

Finally someone told me that no other sleeper or coach seats were available, and the lounge car closed at 10:00 PM. The problem was that when the sleeper car in front of my sleeper car flushed their toilets the smell was vented into my sleeper car. For 2 nights and 3 days the customers on my sleeper car were bathed in toilet smells coming through the vents. You can imagine the horror of the experience.

We passed through many large train stations between Chicago & Los Angeles……….nothing was done. We were told they would take care of it in Los Angeles. How would that benefit passengers on the train? The train trip ended in Los Angeles.

We were told to complain to 1 800 USA Rail. The problem started Saturday and did not end until the train arrived in Los Angeles Monday morning. Customer relations for Amtrak is closed on the weekend. When you called 1 800 USA Rail you are told to call back on Monday.

Monday morning 9:00 AM I began calling 1 800 USA RAIL. While I could get through to make a reservation, I could NOT get through to customer relations, I was just forwarded to music. I attempted to find someone to complain to in the Los Angeles & San Diego train stations. In both places I was told to call 1 800 USA RAIL.

I was told that typically there are so many calls on Monday to customer relations that you can not get through. I have now spent 6 days while on vacation in San Diego attempting to get thought to customer relations on the 1 800 USA RAIL number. I have literally spent hours listening to the music on hold and have yet to be able to speak to anyone at Amtrak’s customer relations about my experience. Not being able to get through to complain about Amtrak on the 1 800 USA Rail is either an insidious plan by Amtrak or a grand omission.

Neither is acceptable. However I was able to get through to the Department of Transportation who forwarded me to the Federal Railroad Administration. They told me that while they do not regulate the toilet problem on Amtrak (they get involved in things like derailments) it is the number one Amtrak complaint. Seems my experience is far from unusual.

Unless you are a fan of sewage smells, stay far away from Amtrak especially on long haul trips.

During my week in San Diego every time I heard a train whistle it brought back smells of the sewer. Fortunately, I am flying back to DC.

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Albuquerque, New Mexico
Amtrak Train Service
New Reviewer

Amtrak will not re-issue my lost Monthly pass

I purchased Amtrak Monthly pass from New York Penn Station to Trenton. Unfortunately I forgot the Monthly pass in the train and on contacting Amtrak Customer Service and Lost & Found department(which by the way the lady was very rude) they informed me "Amtrak tickets are like money, if you loose money you loose money. We don't replace or refund our tickets". I don't understand my Monthly pass has my full name and Amtrak's policy indicates they verify the id on boarding the train for Security. The Monthly pass policy also says it can only be used by person whose name appear on it. To summarize I paid for service that I can't use with Amtrak.
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Same thing happened to me and my wife. They gave us both the tickets "to" our destination and "return" at the same time. We were at our destination for over a week. When it came time to come back, we couldn't find our tickets as they were misplaced. We thought, no big deal, our tickets have our name and address on them and were purchased with a credit card. We'll just get them printed out at the depot....Nope.

We had to purchase 2 new tickets for over $300 even though they had a record on the train that we had bought tickets earlier and had a suite reserved for my wife and I. The conductor knew we had already paid for our tickets, but because we did not have them in hand, he said that he could not let us on the train as someone else could use them at anytime at a later date. We asked how that would be possible since they had our name on them. The conductor said Amtrak tickets are transferable to anyone and can be used at a later date.

"The tickets are like money and anyone can use them" - Amtrak Train Conductor


The idea that someone might find a lost ticket and decide, "Hey, I think I'll take a free train ride," is absurd.

Amtrak is willing to create an angry customer by making them pay twice in order to guard against the extremely remote possibility that someone might get a free ride.

Come on! No other business in the world treats their customers this way.

No wonder Amtrak is going out of business.


Amtrak issues a paper ticket. That means that the value of the ticket is enclosed within the ticket itself. This may be archaic given the modern technology available, but remember that Amtrak operates on a relatively shoestring budget and faces a lot of security-related complications not seen in competing industries.

Amtrak will be upgrading to an E-Ticketing system soon, but in the meantime you need to understand that when you receive that ticket its value is enclosed within the paper itself, not the computer, and losing the ticket means losing the value of the ticket. Since Amtrak does not do a full ID check (just a 10% spot check) and does not currently scan the ticket, it's very easy for somebody to pick up your lost ticket and use it until they get randomly IDd onboard.

Also note that if Amtrak re-issued lost tickets under the current system it would also be easy for you to "lose" a single-ride ticket, pick up a re-issue, then bring back the original ticket and have it refunded, cheating Amtrak out of revenue. Part of the reason this policy's in effect.

Until E-ticketing comes in the next year or so just gain some personal responsibility, be an adult, and don't lose your ticket.


Yes. ridiculous policy.

Also, because Amtrak has this *** "paper ticket = $" policy, even if you are entitled a refund, you have to PERSONALLY take the ticket to the station window to get your money back.

EVEN if you bought the ticket with and Amtrak credit card. The company's back in the stone ages.


about Amtrak's policies.


And you are complaining about what? That you lost your ticket and that Amtrak is following their policies that you agreed to upon purchasing the ticket. They did nothing wrong, you lost your ticket.

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New York, New York
Amtrak Train Service


I ordered my ticket 4 weeks ago and i haven't received it yet, time after time i have called and complained about my ticket not being here. All they tell me is that we will resend it. I have been riding Amtrak for years now and this is getting ridiculous, i am a senior citizen and i should be treated better than i have been Treated, I hope that this review can help people from making the same mistakes i have with trusting Amtrak!!!! Even now I haven't received my ticket and i am going to call to see if i can be reimbursed!!!!!!
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Greensboro, North Carolina

Amtrak Auto Train - BAD ride, food service.

The trip South in January had a few problems but the return in early March was a disaster. We ride in the lower level as my wife cannot climb the stairs. The ride was so rough, it bounced my sleeping head on the window. Too fast over bad tracks. We had our meals delivered to our seats - service was poor as was the food. The fish (Tilapia) was burned for dinner but the rice was ice cold. In the morning, the milk for our cereal was frozen solid. A trip to the diner (no service) got some useable but still with ice crystals. Hard to get coffee as well. Long wait at Lorton - all water fountains broken. Place was a dump.
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I've booked and rode Amtrack over 100 hrs in the last 15 days, my 1st and 2nd trip were pleasurable assuring me the confidence to book the 3rd, 11/11/12.......I'm currently traveling on the No. 3 out of Chicago to Arizona, what a mistake!!

Awoken at 5:30am with a flashlight in my face asking where the person is sitting next to me?? Who knows and why do I care my yellow tag above my luggage rack says Kingman, AZ not Garden City, KS the current stop.

I have never encountered such rudeness in all my travel as I have from this crew!

I am a 53 yr old woman who has been talked to like a 5yr old child for the last 24hrs....***! Do these people not understand its the purchase of mine and others tickets that pay their pissed customer!


Amtrac - its a rip off and dirty.Its cheeper to fly & rent a car, ny to florida amtrac sucks hope they get taken over by good company. :p


Aaaaah! i had the distinct pleasure of being part of the reintroduction of the autotrain back in the early 80's.

(1983?). The orginal autotrain was a privately owned and operated company that at one time was considered 1st class, and Amtrak's concept was to replicate that same 1st class service, and did a far job of doing just that for the first ten years or so, but the shine is off of the apple so to speak.

Over time, and even with upgrade facilities, the service has degraded in quality, service, and performance. It is now much more common place to operate this train many hours late, and it is only compounded because no matter when the train arrives in either station, that same train set must be serviced and sent out in the opposite direction, and that takes time.

My family considered travel on the autotrain this past winter to catch a cruise out of tampa, thus saving us airfare and car rental, but taking into account the probabledelays, and desire for a sleeper, we realized that flying was going to be cheaper,(even taking into account any passrider discounts) and much less hassle and travel time all around.

Thus we flew down. Sorry but thats way to roll.














I am a railroad employee, in the signal dept. I have no problem making sure the tracks are safe and secure for the Amtrak!

However, when I attempted to purchase tickets on this particular train-I was greeted with 1st an attitude!

Second I was presented with a 'take it or leave it' attitude.

What the *** is going on here? Is this not America anymore? Does Amtrak give a rip about its possible customers?


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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Amtrak Train Service

Train dead on tracks. No one will give me info.

my son and his girlfriend from norway are on the 8/14/08 7:50 train from st. paul to chicago. the train has been dead on the tracks for over 2 hours with no end in sight for repair. I cannot get info from amtrak on the repairs or what is being done. this stinks. I called the custmer service hotline and got no information. I called the local Amtrak office and got no information. it seems to me someone should be able to tell me what is being done to correct the situation. i will be demanding a total refund of my money from amtrak.
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Lol ghostbuster. I wonder who paid for tickets, the person writing the letter or the son and girlfriend.

If it was the son and girlfriend that paid for the tickets.

I wonder if he/she does get he refund will he/she tell his son and girlfriend or keep their money and not say anything. In fact I wonder if the son even know their parent is trying to get the refund for something they probably did not even pay for.


Oh, please you don't care about your son or his girlfriend, you just want the refund. That is what this is mainly about your last sentence explains it all.

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Manorville, New York
Amtrak Train Service

Amtrak strands a disabled passenger on a platform

I was traveling from Washington, DC to New York City. I had recently injured myself and was on crutches, and was told I would have a wheelchair and a red cap waiting for me in New York. Upon arrival in New York, there was no one there, although they knew of my arrival both back in Washington and on the train. I waited for 15 minutes for someone to arrive, when I was told I needed to exit the train. I waited on the platform for another 10 minutes alone, until a conductor took pity on me and helped me upstairs with my bag. I am shocked and appalled that Amtrak was unable to complete a request as simple as having someone help a disabled man with his bags. I could have been left on a platform for an indefinite period of time were it not for the goodness of one conductor's heart.
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In the last two years, I have had to use crutches, due to surgeries. From my own experience, I know it is already difficult to use crutches, let alone carry something upstairs.

It wasn't right what they did to you.

They sure wouldn't be happy if you sued them over injuring yourself due to their negligence. I'm glad someone helped you out, and hope you recover from your injury :)


I never cease to be amazed by the inflammatory tone of the comments on this website.


next time remember what railings are for...


Really, you got a boo boo and considered yourself disabled??

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New York, New York
New Reviewer

Amtak ticket workers get off your cell phone

8/06/2008 7:30am. Today I woke up at 5:30am to drive my daughter to the train to catch the Lake George, NY Amtrak train at Penn Station, NY. She waited for an hour on a mobbed line. The problem was the customer service people that worked at the ticket counter at Penn Station, NY. My daughter asked me to complain as to she was still waiting to purchase tickets and her train was due in 10 minutes. The 4 customer service people were on their cell phones and walking away from the window at random times and returning. She said if it was for not one of the workers who was actually doing his job she probably would have missed her train. And the only reason she did not miss her train was because it was delayed. Everyone on the line was complaining and appalled at the customer service. This is consider rush hour on a weekday and I think they should be banned from using their cell phones while working. I know you are probably thinking why didn't she use her credit card and purchase from the mini ticket machines. She tried but for some reason it did not work for her... I have travelled myself with Amtrak and have to say it is the pits but sometimes it is the only way I can travel...
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it is now a strict rule that employees are to refrain from personal cell phone use, with the exception of emergency, direct operations of the company,etc.

But, you are dealing with New Yorkers, with New York attitudes after all.

Regarding the honesty of the employees, of course I cannot vouch for all of them, but generally, they are not willing to lose their jobs over a cell phone. It was most likely found by another passenger that decided to keep it.

I have personally found bags of cash, jewelry and other valuable items over the years on the trains that I travel, and have turned EVERY one of them in to lost and found, or contacted the owner personally if possible. it would have been very easy to have kept them all.


Amtrak customer service can be the pits! Penn Station is horrible -- always hot and no seating to wait on trains.

My son left his phone on a train from NYC to Washington DC when they had to wake him up to move to a forward car due to uncoupling. It had fallen out of his pocket during his nap.

He discovered it before we left the station, but it was never found despite our immediate reporting. The workers are not honest and don't seem to care at all!

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New York, New York
Amtrak Train Service
New Reviewer

Amtrak-Worst Day Of My Life

The worst day of my life began on Sunday, July 20, 2008. The day started out beautiful. Leaving the Affinia Hotel in New York, I felt excited and ready to continue my vacation in Atlanta, Georgia. I entered Penn Station looking forward to my first time on an Amtrak train. I waited in line at the Amtrak booth to receive my reserved ticket. The first hint that something was wrong occurred with my interaction with the Amtrak ticket agent. This agent was very cold and abrupt to the point of disrespect. I decided that this was just an Amtrak employee having a bad day. When I got to the train, I again felt uneasy. The train attendants seemed unsure about where people were to be placed on the train. After sometime, I was given a seat. When the train pulled out of the station, it did not take long before the train became very cold. People started complaining but were told that there was nothing they could do to change the temperature. I took clothes from my carryon bag and piled them on. My hands were numb. It was a miracle that I found gloves in a sweater pocket. When I went to the dining car for dinner, I ordered the chicken. Over 15 minutes went by before I was told that they had sold out of chicken. There was nothing else on the menu I could eat so I had to eat my rice cakes I had brought for a snack. Going to and from the dining car was like going through a refugee camp. Many passengers had erected tent-like coverings made of clothes and blankets to keep out the cold. I spent that night praying that there would be no deaths as a result of these inhuman conditions. When Amtrak Train 19 finally pulled into the Atlanta station, I thanked God that I had survived. I got off this disgusting train wanting to kiss the ground. I will never ever ride on Amtrak again.
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I think that writers, Mike, "neutral", gunga din, and Jim are idiots who must be union employees. I was a passenger on trains back in the 50's and 60's. There was rarely a bad event, let alone a complaint by a well paying passenger.This treatment is symptomatic of a country in its last days.


Learn what it means to work for a living rather than sucking up to the govt for a handout. You people are real *** bags who are the reason why the Chinese are dominating us. You don't want to work and when you do, you do it with a shittyattitude. No wonder our schools suck and are dominated by thugs.


Well, I can see why you would be upset. I personally can't stand being cold and see it wasn't fair there wasn't anything for you to eat, that you wanted.

I have never been on an Amtrak, let alone heard of one until today, but it would be disappointing to experience that. All I can say is that you are lucky, if this was the worst day of your life, I know I had worst ;)


I never cease to be amazed by the inflammatory tone of the comments on this website.


You poor thing, people on the train who prepared for thier trip, by building the little tent thingys for privacy... BUT HOW DARE they sell out of chicken and have NO acceptable substitution...

I swear You are lucky to have survived... *** people will complain about anything


You're kidding, right? No blood, no death, no true woe… this doesn't move the needle.


So let me get this right, the worst day of your life consisted of a cold train car and not being able to order chicken? It sounds like you are just a wee bit spoiled to me....

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Montreal, Quebec
New Reviewer

Amtrak has terrible customer service

Today I had a train ticket for the 8:58 train from Burbank to San Diego. There is no agent at the Burbank station. Someone was hit by a train early in the morning and they could have called or emailed me. They had all the information. Someone was hit by a train in Van Nuys, CA very early that morning and the police kept terminating the service from Burbank and saying train would come in 2 hours but it never did. When I called customer service *4 times) nobody know about the fatality even at 11am in the morning. To top it off, they had the gall to charge me the 10% cancellation free when they are the ones who cancelled my plans to take a train. I am out over $50 in taxi cab fare and had to drive to San Diego and pay for valet parking for 4 days. Amtrak did not have the decency to send a van to Burbarnk to pick up stranded passengers to take them to LA to get trains to their destinations. However, Amtrak did report lies to the TV news and lied stating that they got the passengers new train tickets. Perhaps they got service for the people who were on the train that hit the pedestrian but they did not do anything for the people in Burbank right down the street. I am thoroughly disgusted and will never travel Amtrak for the rest of my life. I will also sue them and won't be happy until they go bankrupt. Nobody in customer service even apologized to me. Their employees refused to give me the name and address of the President of the company. Absolutely a horrible experience!
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Sparta, Illinois
Amtrak Train Service

Amtrak Service Deteriorates further and has no customer service recourse

We spent $1744 on first-class sleeper car service and we had no water on the entire return trip (overnight). the toilet in our compartment failed. Icing on the cake: Amtrak makes it nearly impossible to complain or get any response let alone restitution. Customer service in the station is not allowed to handle customer complaints. We were given the toll free number for reservations (as if) which is understaffed. After a too-long wait to speak to someone, I was transferred to another automated ***. My call was never answered. I was kicked over to an aumated answering machine. No one called back. Likewise, Amtrak's web site has no facility for complaints or service issues. Clearly Amtrak has no interest in customer service.
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8/28/08 Im am not sure where to begin this letter. I really need to voice my concerns with both the quality of transportation as well as the unfair treatment that I recieved.

On the morning of Aug 22nd a group of friends and I took you Bellingham to Portland train down to celebrate a bachelor party. The beginning of the trip was wonderful, great views and friendly service, but thats about where that ends. When we arrived to the Everett station, the conductors informed us that the engine needed to be swapped but due to a broken windshield on the replacement engine we had to wait for over an hour. When we return to the track we experienced more delays from an unfortunate fatality that had occurred on the track ahead of us.

These delays added an additional three hours to the trip, so what scheduled to be a 6-6.5hr trip ended up being more than 10 hrs long. Now, heres where the real problem occurs. On the last stop before our final destination to Portland, a traveling companion and myself got up to use the restroom. When we arrived to the bathroom it was occupied, I Darrin Brown said to my friend Shad Waite “ I have to go so bad I could *** on the floor.�

The conductor who was standing by me took this comment literally when it was strictly a joke. He then told me that “ You have to get off train now� I told him I was joking and I wasn’t really going to urinate on the floor. He then replied while pointing at me “I want you off the train now�

I then waited my turn went to the restroom and returned to my seat. In the meanwhile Shad stayed behind and told the conductor, and this is shad statement. “I spoke to the conductor and said Darrin was joking and he needed to lighten up. The conductor started arguing with me and it ended with him telling Darrin he needed to leave the train, or, the whole group would be removed.

Darrin didn’t argue with the conductor, I was doing all the arguing, so why was Darrin told to leave and not me? I believe the conductor had an issue with Darrin, and the only issue I could see is Darrin being African American. When we were delayed for three hours this same conductor let us out of the train to have a smoke, along with him. The entire time of the trip we were asked to be a little quieter maybe twice, but never any warnings about being inappropriate or out of control.

Darrin made one comment and the conductor exploded and threatened to kick him off 5 minutes from our destination. We had to call people to pick us up and hugely inconvenienced everybody involved. � I do not play the race card because I have done very well in life and believe ignorance of other people can be overcome by hard work and respect for others.

I believe in the motto of killing people with kindness and they will come around when they get to know me as a person. Two key points that I would like to illustrate that suggests I was treated unfairly. First, in Everett I asked the same gentleman (the conductor) if he had an estimated time of departure for us since we awaiting the arrival of one of our traveling mates and he replied “ we leave when the train leaves now return to your seat, which I did. Second, during our three hour stall due to the fatality, he illegally allowed travelers to exit the train and smoke on the side of train tracks.

Okay well that demonstrates poor judgement on his part right there. But what I don’t get, why is it he looked at me and ordered a few of us to reboard the train due to the amount of people outside of the train was getting excessive. I didn’t think much of it at the time and I happily abided. This was later pointed out to me after I was kicked off the train an hour or so later by a fellow traveler.

In conclusion, I was upset so I told the rest of our group to continue on and I would just catch a cab into Portland and just pay out of pocket. I left the station to call a cab and arrange for a ride down south. Well, it turns out the conductor took it one more step and called the local poice although I was complying with his unfair and unjust wishes to leave the train. One of my traveling mates called me to let me know the police where wanting to talk to me.

When I returned to the station to speak with the officers to explain what had happened to the officer he felt I was dodging him and wrote me a ticket for trespassing, on what grounds I am not sure. I feel if I was treated fair on the train and not asked to leave like every other passenger this ticket would have never occurred. This should be exonerated and dismissed without question.

Please feel free to contact me at the below contact information. Sincerely, Darrin


Customer Relations

Amtrak, National

Railroad Passenger Corporation

60 Massachusetts Ave. NE

Washington, DC 2002

Good luck...

Hope it helps...

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A travel company should take care for its customers

A travel company should take care for its customers About the famous Amtrak We are a couple from Europe, travelling from San Diego to Los Angeles and then to Pomona. We already bought our Metrolink tickets for Pomona from San Diego station, so we’ll be ready to catch the line of 9:00 . It happened about 7:30 last night, when a car hit the train. We were stack for two hours in the train. Finally we got to Los Angeles about 11:00 which means we lost our train to Pomona. We asked in the information what is going to be with us, as we lost the only train to Pomona and they answered that it was not their fault if we lost the train to Pomona. There obligation was to bring us to LA and that was it. We said that we are foreigners, we don’t know anybody to help us, and is not our fault for this delay and loose the only means of transportation to Pomona. You know what? They just show us the place to get a bus for Pomona. We told them that even if we go by bus, there is no one to pick us up from the station, as the shuttle do not work after 11:00. They answered they don’t have any obligation to bring us to our hotel. We travelled for two hours and finally we got to the Pomona Bus Station. We were left there for one hour, all alone, cold, hungry, despair and afraid as we are foreigners in a frightful dark unknown place, because some *** wanted to bit the train. Please tell me, is that fair? Who can trust the Amtrak again? The company should take care of its passengers and especially for something that it wasn’t our fault. I will never travel with Amtrak, because they are very cruel and have a bad behavior to their customers. Thank you Loula
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I was the conductor on that train that night over two years ago and distinctly remember working with you.

I need to heavily preface this by once again saying that I WAS THERE. I don't understand why you say we were cruel and treated you badly, I tried dearly to help you, was very polite, and even amidst the backdrop of an emergency I set time aside, I contacted your hotel via my personal cell phone (which is technically against the law while on duty) and tried to arrange alternate pickup for you with them given the emergency situation, but the hotel was unable to provide assistance.

We then recommended some alternate options, hotels in LA, shuttle services (which would have cost more but would have gotten you there safely), even going so far as to call Cloud 9 Shuttle (once again on my personal cell phone) but YOU REFUSED to listen to us and insisted we accomodate you exactly how you had originally planned to be accomodated, which simply wasn't possible.

Every once in a while while travelling we are thrown unexpected curve balls. You need to learn how to adapt on the fly or you'll be left out in the cold (In this case literally). We were exceedingly polite, provided you a heavily disproportionate amount of time and attention when it was needed elsewhere (We had a car stuck to the front of our train and a guy coated in blood with bone sticking out of his arm right outside) and you threw it back into our faces because we simply were unable to provide you exactly what you wanted. If you were being treated rudely by the end of the night then it was because that's how you were treating the employees. However, I know that despite all things, all the employees, including myself, who helped you were exceedingly polite and did everything in our power to help you.


I called amtrak and made reservations for a trip from Ephrata, WA to Portland, Or (08-13-09). I got on a Thruway bus in Ephrata and was supposed to get on a train in Seattle, Wa.

Well, there was a game in Seattle and it I delayed the bus by around 40 minutes. As we were approaching the time the train leaves I asked the bus driver what would happen if he was late. He did not seem to really care. I got to the train statin 10 mins after the train left.

They told me that the train was gone and I could wait unitl the next train to portand at 7:30am the next morn or take a taxi to grayhound. They told me it was not there problem that I was late. They said it was thuways problem and that the bus driver should have called the train station if he was late. The driver did have a cell phone and was using it to try to get tickets to the game in Seattle (he new at this point we may be late).

They also mentioned that this has happened before with thurway. I was able to get a bus from grayhound but it really messed up my plans. There was no guarantee that grayhound even had a spot available. I was supposed to arive in portland at 8:30pm and I did not get in until 12:00am.

Why would I schedule a trip with them again if I'm just going to be stranded some place. There were 3 other people that also missed the train and had to make alternate plans. The only thing they offered to other people was a refund on their tickets. My first experience with amtrak and I was not impressed.

If Amtrak has a problem with thurway then they should not offer the service on the phone/web site. If I ever use Amtrak again it will be train all of the way.


Amtrak and Metrolink do not coordinate services, and your Amtrak ticket was to Los Angeles. They got you to Los Angeles. Had you had some kind of Amtrak connection that was missed, even to their connecting bus network (Amtrak Thruway) they would have taken care of it, but if they get you to your ticketed end point, their obligation to you is finished.

While it was unfortunate, and I would not want to get into Pomona in the middle of the night, as it has a gang problem.

When you found yourself stranded late in a strange city, it probably would have been better to have done some self help and tried to get a hotel in downtown LA and proceeded to Pomona in the morning.

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Amtrack Truck hit us.

We were involved in an accident a year ago in March in Massachusettes. An amtrak truck ran a red light and hit the van that we were driving that had prisoners in it. We were all taken to the hospital in ambulances. We have necer recieved any compinsation for this accident for are pain and suffering and loss of personal property. I have been in contact with the insurace company several times and I keep getting the same remark we haven't got any paperwork I have sent it three times. I am tired of the run around they think just because they are a big company they can just push us to the side. I feel this is totally wrong.
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