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Chicago Red Carpet wait for your sleeping car area is a Hard hustle at the front desk as you walk in to put your luggage in "Secured" area...during two hour wait someone went into that room and took our souvenirs out of our luggage...cop says the camera doesn't show the angle where our bags are...coincidently...don't let them convince you to leave your bags in Chicago Secured Area...put a bad ending to the whole trip to Sante Fe. I would like to... Read more

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Today I rode the Amtrak from New York to Montpelier, Vermont. After arriving at my destination I was exiting the train and slipped and fell on the wet metal part of the floor that is exposed to the outside (I didn't know it was wet or exposed to the rain outside until after I fell) and cut my finger rather badly. I was outraged as conductor Clark displayed no signs of caring about what had just happened, he rudely told me to move along after I... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 22
  • #959448

Amtrak ruins NJ transit. They deserve to go bankrupt.

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When entering the train at the Homewood Illinois station they do not open the luggage department so you must carry your luggage on the train and set it in the vestibule, however if that location is fill you must carry your luggage upstairs to your seat… on the train you have 70 and 80 year old ladies trying to carry their luggage up stairs on the train while they are also carrying their walkers. The conductor/porters of the train will not... Read more

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The attendant at the cafeteria section (of the train no 136 heading from New York to Springfield,MA on 11 th Nov, at 8:57 pm); staff named D. Hill was extremely rude. It seemed like he had some issues!! Whatever the issue be , he needs to learn how to calm and behave with manner. He was extremely rude. He threw my debit card after cashing and was speaking completely in agressive manner. I felt completely humiliated!! He should be taught a lesson... Read more

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These trains blow their horns day and night in my town of Plainsboro, NJ. Our quality of life is horrible. This has been going on for over two years. Some of the engineers lay on the horns for a mile or more. I have developed hearing loss. I will never ride an Amtrak train, that's how much I can't stand it. I have emailed Amtrak with no response most of the time, because they really don't care. Something has to be done. Plus the workers... Read more

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On a trip from Atlanta to Baltimore in first class, the attendant, C. Mitchell, (a man) placed my small suitcase in the overhead luggage rack. (On the Crescent, this meant standing on the toilet.) In the morning, he refused to get it down and told me to get it myself. I am a 60 year old woman and was afraid of falling (as the train was moving.) He refused to open the door at Baltimore, and told me to walk to the next car and have that... Read more

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Can't believe they closed this station on the weekends. Many many people are upset. Now everyone in this Maryland suburb must travel to downtown DC to get service. Whenever the regional powers look for cost savings, it's ironic they come to Prince George's County to make cuts in vital services. Why? This is a very poor decision on Amtrak's part. The station serves Annapolis, Laurel and Bowie. ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 21
  • #941104

Horrible. Conductor totally obnoxious. Insulting and racist. Very disappointed. Train176 Baltimore to NY. Could not believe the treatment. whatever.,

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 18
  • #938849

Auto train from Sanford to Morton Va. is so far delayed 5 hours. Ok I understand delays due to storm Matthew but now they tell us delay due to maintance of track which has nothing to due with storm. This is bull. Missed a viewing and funeral. Never again

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