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Can't believe they closed this station on the weekends. Many many people are upset. Now everyone in this Maryland suburb must travel to downtown DC to get service. Whenever the regional powers look for cost savings, it's ironic they come to Prince George's County to make cuts in vital services. Why? This is a very poor decision on Amtrak's part. The station serves Annapolis, Laurel and Bowie. ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 21
  • #941104

Horrible. Conductor totally obnoxious. Insulting and racist. Very disappointed. Train176 Baltimore to NY. Could not believe the treatment. whatever.,

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 18
  • #938849

Auto train from Sanford to Morton Va. is so far delayed 5 hours. Ok I understand delays due to storm Matthew but now they tell us delay due to maintance of track which has nothing to due with storm. This is bull. Missed a viewing and funeral. Never again

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 05
  • #931211

Awful!!! Train scheduled for 22:45 on a Tuesday night.. 00:45 on Wednesday still sitting in the station waiting for the train.. they have no clue when it's coming.. UNNACCEPTABLE!!

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My husband and I like to ride the train. We do not, however, take a train trip very often but when we do we like to go west--we live in Madison, WI. We flew to a wedding in Lake Tahoe and took a train back from Reno (September 25-27). We had a sleeper car. I was appalled at how dirty our car was from the minute we got on until 44 hrs. later. We never saw the person assigned to our car other than when he introduced himself to us when we got... Read more

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on August 24th I and some friends boarded the train in Was D.C. for Chicago then on the Reno, Nv. Trip to Chi was great. However, we were booked in H/C lower level all the way. We were seniors on our way to Reno for a Convention. When arriving in Chicago I was taken by red cap to the area where we would be boarding fom (Gate C) once thre informed several attendents that I would be needing assistance to get to the train when it was time. I... Read more

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I have traveled Amtrak for many many years in the sleepers, on 9/16/16 I encountered a very rude, abrupt, short, en-compassionate server named 'Tanisha' in the dining car. I was not the only passenger to feel the same way, I only hope they feel giving a review worth while also. This employee could use another course in Hospitality services by Amtrak. It could have been just another bad day for her, but does not excuse the 'passive/aggressive'... Read more

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Apparently Amtrak has a policy of reporting anyone with some combination of the following characteristics to the Reno police: - Unusual nervousness of traveler - Unusual calmness or straight ahead stare - Looking around while making telephone call(s) - Position among passengers disembarking (ahead of, or lagging behind passengers) - Carrying little or no luggage - Purchase of tickets in cash - Purchase tickets immediately prior to boarding... Read more

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Irresponsible and Rude Staff! This was the worst experience I have ever had and they blatantly refused to accommodate me as I am ill and don't want to get another passenger sick and they ignored my request for an alternate seat and berated my tone and angry word choice. I don't think they would have berated me if I wasn't a woman so not only did they disregard my complaint entirely but lectured me like a child and pretty much told me how to be... Read more

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The gentleman who worked the dining car on August 25, 2016 from NY Penn Station to Essex Junction in Burlington, VT told me to "Let me do my job" when I started putting my hot dog in one of the cardboard containers. He was very rude and unprofessional. It was my first train experience and I did not realize I wasn't allowed to put food that I bought into my own carrier. At Starbucks, I put my drinks in a carrier. At a ballgame, I put my food... Read more

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