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  • 2 hours ago
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i dont know who the train engineer is tonight or if its even Amtrack but its 12:34 am and whoever the engineer is onboard needs to be fired. i live off poinsettia in carlsbad and about a mile or two east of the tracks on a hill and this guy has been blaring on that horn onnoxioisly. its way overboard and it needs to stop

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It had been almost 55 yrs since I had ridden a train. I thought it would be fun and decided to ride from Champaign Ill to Fulton Ky. I left by bus to Champaign (4 hr ride) which was ok and the bus driver was helpful and carried my luggage in to the terminal for me. I had been told that you had to carry on your own luggage and that there would be people to help. As I got to the terminal I was hungry. I am diabetic. And I needed to eat. But did... Read more

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Took cascades train 505 from Vancouver, WA to Seattle for the day. It's the middle of *** July and there is NO air ventilation whatsoever; no AC, stifling, stale, stinking air. You can't open any windows so you just sit and cook. Inexplicably *** to not provide any ventilation. Are you THAT cheap? The whole place smells like a foot. Train was late and painfully slow. A 2.5 hour trip one way took 4.5 hours. *** Amtrak Read more

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Is this train ever on time 07/07/2016. This the second time my girlfriend took this train to Savannah GA. the temperature outside was 96 or more temp. The train was delayed no explanation 1hour 30 minutes. If you try to go inside the terminal It's like going to a different world Bathrooms are disgusting. For Orlando fl. This is unacceptable!!! . When my girlfriend Finally got to Savannah the train was 2/1/2 hours late!! No explanation from... Read more

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This vacation was the worrst experience ever, all due to Amtrak. Train from the west was 4 hours late getting into Chicago. Made connection to Pittsburgh with little time to spare, and it doesn't look good for making mt next connection, since this train is already an hour late. In fact it left Chicago 25 minutes late even though everyone was on board. Most Amtrak employees are just plain rude and snippy. They have no concept of customer... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 28
  • #873643

Amtrak Texas Eagle is a nightmare. Stops more than it runs. NEVER AGAIN. Same with Cardinal.

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It's ok to be rude in NY...not! Penn Station (NYP). This AM, I approached this gentlemen to ask for help. It appeared he saw me coming and turned his back on me? Giving him the benefit of doubt, I politely said "excuse me". His response, as he turned to me was a loud and obnoxious "EX-CUSE ME" as he turned his back and walked away. After 3 to 5 minutes he walked back my way, passing directly in front of me while completely ignoring me. I only... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 07
  • #861532

Dinner car remove from silver metor, when asked for a menu for sleeping car was told don't have any. What kind of service is that for lst class. Also rang for porter no one came. Walk down to cafe car, closed.

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In a train from Sacramento to Chicago. Train smells like a urinal and there's some sort of chemical smell pervading throughout. I boarded with my daughter for a busniess trip and within 24 hours we are both sick. I have never road a train before and I never will. My corporate office is considering helping me with litigation for being exposed to this. I spoke with Amtrak Customer Relations and all she suggested was moving me to a different room.... Read more

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On Train #774 (the afternoon of May 22, 2016) from San Juan Capistran, CA to Oceanside, CA, a AMTRAK male employee came on the PA system and sang a lengthy song. It was very inappropriate and quite unnecessary. Save it for karaoke night off of the train. Please. This is my complaint. I don't have 100 words to enter here. So to meet the word requirement, da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da da Greg... Read more

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